False Open-Source "Hire Military Heroes"

Added October 15, 2019

The Marine Corps has made an announcement on their website that they've found a fake veteran website attempting to take advantage of Americans who may be seeking a job, especially military veterans. "Hire Military Heroes" is the fake website and is very similar to the legitimate web service from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, "Hiring Our Heroes."

When accessing the website, it contains three links and a desktop app. The app is a fake installer and while telling you it errored out, it actually ran a test connection to Google and downloaded a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that talks to the Malicious Actors command and control (C2) server. The RAT is used to steal sensitive data about you and monitor your activities.

Below are key indicators for avoiding being a victim:

  • The web address (http://) does not have a public identifiable certificate or may have one but it is self-signed or invalid.
  • The website asks or requires you to install an application, a plugin, or execute a script. The computer asks you if this is "Ok" because it detects the behavior as an anomaly.
  • Not every result from search engines is real. Malicious Actors utilizes search engines to inject false information. Contact your counselors from the Military Family Service Center or DAV (if applicable) for legitimate websites to search for jobs.

The information on this page is from an announcement made by the Uniformed Readiness Coordinator at SOI West. Click here to view the original announcement.

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