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UPDATE: May 11, 2018 R. Lee Ermey has passed away

R. Lee Ermey

UPDATE: May 28, 2010 Cosponsors in Senate up to 79!

Click here for list of 79 Senators.

UPDATE: May 21, 2010 Cosponsors in Senate up to 56!

Click here for list of 56 Senators.

UPDATE: May 20, 2010 Cosponsors in Senate up to 47!

Click here for list of 47 Senators.

UPDATE: May 18, 2010 Cosponsors in Senate up to 39!

Click here for list of 39 Senators.

UPDATE: May 10, 2010 Letter from Senator Pat Roberts

Let"s Make History by Supporting Our Nation"s Marines As They Support Us; Click here to read!

UPDATE: May 5, 2010 Media Coverage Continues

Still playing the name game with Navy and Marine Corps

UPDATE: May 4, 2010 Huge Day for Marine Identity Cause

What"s in a name? Just ask former Navy pilot hero Sen. McCain

Will Department of Navy get a name change?

House again OKs Navy Department name change

UPDATE: April 30, 2010 Marine Cause Press Release

April 30, 2010 Marine Cause Press Release from TRIO Media Group: "Marine Corps Identity Bill Smashes House Record, Wins Key Support from Mass. Sen. Brown House Vote Expected May 4"

Click here to view the April 30 press release.

UPDATE: April 26, 2010 Marine Cause on Federal News Radio

"Navy may get a name change"

Visit the Federal News Radio website and listen to the sound file, click here...
UPDATE: April 20, 2010 Marine Cause Press Release

April 20, 2010 Marine Cause Press Release from TRIO Media Group: "Marine Corps Identity Bill Gets 400 Co-sponsors in House"

Click here to view the April 20 press release.

UPDATE: Chicago Tribune's Opinion Section Addresses Marine Identity Cause

If you're following the Marine Identity Cause, an April 5, 2010 article from the Chicago Tribune's Opinion section is an absolute must-read.

The outstanding article, titled "Congress, be Semper Fi: Why the Navy Department needs a new name," is a straightforward, concise rundown of the Marine Identity Cause and it answers all the important questions.

Click here to read "Congress, be Semper Fi" today!

UPDATE: R. Lee Ermey Takes D.C. By Storm

Identity Cause
From left to right - R. Lee Ermey, Marine Parents founder Tracy Della Vecchia, Gold Star father Dick Linn (Trio Media Group Photo)

Click here for Marine Corps Times media coverage.

Click here for Trio Media Group's slideshow.

UPDATE: Meet the Gunny!

Meet Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey and Marine Parents Founder Tracy Della Vecchia Thursday, February 25th from 5 - 7 pm at Bullfeathers on the Hill (410 First Street) in Washington DC.

This is a public event and we'd love to see you there! If you're in the area, join us on Thursday and be part of the Marine Corps Identity Cause!

Identity Cause
Semper Fi Marine families!

An important cause affecting The Few and The Proud needs your help.

For more than two centuries, the Marine Corps has fought side by side with the Navy. However, our Marines are not given equal recognition when it comes to the department they work for.

Many Marine supporters, including us, don't think that's right. That's why has joined a cause to change the name of the Department of the Navy to the "Department of the Navy and Marine Corps."

A bill, H.R. 24, is looking to do just this. Introduced by North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones, the bill is expected to easily pass the House this spring. In fact, it has garnered over 360 co-sponsors-the second-highest number of signatures introduced in the House last year.

However, in order to make this bill a law, it must pass the Senate. That's where we need your help.

We're asking you to support the companion bill in the Senate, S.504, and to make sure your senator is aware of the issue so he or she can become a co-sponsor. This is easy to do. A website dedicated to giving Marines their own identity has been set up by the Marine Corps League. You can find the site at and click a link to contact your senator, sign an online petition, sign up for e-mail alerts, and follow the movement on Twitter or Facebook.

Marine veteran R. Lee Ermey, star of "Full Metal Jacket" and The History Channel's "Mail Call," will announce this grass-roots effort. Joining him will be other top Marine identity supporters including our founder and executive director, Tracy Della Vecchia.

On Jan. 21, Marine Parents celebrated its 7th anniversary. We would like nothing more than to be entering our 8th with a brand new department name for our Marine sons and daughters.

Join the Cause! Click here to visit today!

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